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The Dino-Zoo Park

The Dino-Zoo Park is site at fifteen minutes of Ornans, and offers you to immerse yopurself into a magnificent journey through prehistory, to discover these majestic creatures that are the Dinosaurs. It is through a bucolic path of 2.5km, crossing forest and rivers, that you will be able to admire the 80 real-size reconstructions of these giants who crossed the Earth millions of years before the Man.

The park also offers a food court and a picnic area, and offers many activities and attractions, making it an ideal place to spend an afternoon with family, while cultivating in the open air.

Park website:

Le Gouffre de Poudrey

Le Gouffre de Poudrey is located only a few kilometers from the Dino-Zoo, and allows you to visit one of the largest underground caves in Europe, at nearly 70m deep. Moreover, its acoustics and its surface make it a perfect place for music and light shows, emphasizing magic and the magic of the underworld.

Site of the Gouffre:


One of the most beautiful and unmissable cities in the region and located 30 minutes from Ornans by car, Besançon is a city with many faces, both cultural and modern, located on the banks of the Doubs.

Among the many places to visit in Besançon, we can cite a few must-sees:

  • The citadel, masterpiece of the architect Vauban, built in the XVIIth century and registered in the world heritage of UNSECO. This former military site has been converted into a Zoo, and also houses the Museum of Resistance and Deportation and Museum Comtois. Located 100m from the city center, it is an essential visit to perform for all lovers of history, architecture or simply animals.
  • The birthplace of Victor Hugo who saw the birth of the famous poet, celebrates the commitments and the main struggles of the author. Place of exhibition, accessible to all, educational and attractive, the house of Victor Hugo is not conceived as a museum but as a living space and reflections.
  • The museum of time, echoing the status of “watchmaking capital” of Besançon, the Museum of Time welcomes visitors curious to discover the obsessional quest for measurement by the Masters of Time. From astronomical clocks to the echo of frequency, from the piezoelectricity of quartz to atomic clocks, from infinitely large to infinitely small microtechnics, everything here is disproportionate.


Peaceful small town of the plains of the Jura, crossed by the Doubs and located at 1h of Ornans by car, Dole is perfect for the lovers of the small walks along the river, in the shade of the old buildings of the city center or in the Parc du Cours Saint-Mauris. Among the must-see places to visit in Dole are:

  • The birthplace of Louis Pasteur: located on the banks of the canal tanners, it is in this house that was born and grew up one of the most famous French scientist, who discovered the rabies virus vaccine. Through a playful and attractive path, the house traces its work as a scientist by exploring in turn all fields of knowledge that Pasteur has put forward.
  • The collegiate Notre-Dame: this Gothic basilica of the sixteenth century, overlooking the entire city of its splendor and magnificence.